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2) Install program, which is you
want to buy, and send your imei, customer id and your real name, which is your
paypal account's name, to symbuzzeruiq [@]
3) When we recieve your
mail, we will check our paypal account.
4) Finally we will send your GLOBAL
KEY to your mail adress.

Notes:*Please backup your GLOBAL KEY.*With
GLOBAL KEY you can unlock all our softwares.*If you have any problem, please
mail to symbuzzeruiq [@]

With "GLOBAL KEY" you can
unlock all our anounced softwares and beta (project) softwares.
~~~It is only 5EURO.~~~
Our anounced softwares:
*BackupMan UIQ3
*JavaSender UIQ3
*Landscaper UIQ3

Our projects:
*motionCommander(sensor app)
*crePatcher(RomPatcher) UIQ3
*DiskCleaner UIQ3

You can donate for our project softwares. For your questions
please mail to symbuzzeruiq [@]

15 Eylül 2009 Salı


motionCommander v0.1 (unsigned) by Symbuzzer builddate(05.09.09)
motionCommander is a camera sensor application. With this program you can only lock kaybords. motionCommander is a system & hidden app. How to use: 1) install sis file 2) open phones cameras lenscover and close camera app from taskmanager 3) run motionCommander and shake the phone until it vibrates.
In next version: 1) sensevity option add 2) more saving power 3) adding interface elements, menus
Supported models: P990 (tested working) M600 (non-camera model, not working) W950 (non-camera model, not working) other models (not tested yet)
If your UIQ3 phone didn't hacked, you should hack it. Because its installition package is unsigned. How to hack: 1) Install CapsSwitch 1.1.27 2) Run this program and turn OFF capabilities. 3) Now install Installserver_activator 4) Run this program and Patch installserver.exe

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